5.86 Be Hungry

27th October 2016 in Settling In
5.86 Be Hungry
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Author Notes:

callmerocket 10/27/2016

...I know you all can relate!!


Cooke 11/14/2016
I just read through the whole lot in one sitting. I've no words except... Incredible.
callmerocket 11/15/2016
Cheers, Cooke. Thanks, also, for the long and thoughtful response in the forums in regards to commissions. I appreciate it
Miaubol 11/19/2016
I agree.. it can be scary..
JJ 1/10/2017
Ugh I can't contain my excitement for more, please keep posting! I'm loving this so much!
Pip 2/12/2017
I made some Rocket Llama fanart today. I guess since this comic is based on your own experiences, this is basically a drawing of you drawn by someone you've never met, so maybe that's a little bit weird, but anyway, here it is:

callmerocket 3/1/2017
Aw, Pip!! Thank you! I'm on a work-driven hiatus right now and I just popped on to check on things, and saw this. I love yer pixel art! :D :D :D <3
pteridophyte 4/5/2017
I loooove your art. Especially the "bonus art" ones (the colors!) and your landscapes. Wonderful
...(RockB) 12/17/2017
I just found this, haven't yet read it. This last page doesn't look like a proper end of the story, but the last update was more than a year ago, no announcement of a hiatus, the artist was alive about 2 months ago and has started another comic... so... project abandoned?
SomeOldGuy 5/15/2019
Just discovered this comic and have read through it all to here.
Will this ever return to be completed?
Doug Anderson 7/27/2019
Hi Rocket Llama!
Could you please contact me, dougdjr2@gmail.com or 509.395.9307. My step-son and I are producing a documentary about the Trail Angel program in Trout Lake and we would like to include your story at Killen Creek in 2013. I'm seeking your permission to do so.
Hope you are doing fine--Doug Anderson
Thracecius 5/19/2020
I hope you are well, wherever you are, Rocket Llama, and that life is giving back to you as much as you've put into it. Your journey has been a fun and sobering read, and I'm sure that if I were in better shape I'd be tempted to do some of the PCT on the strength of your tale alone, especially because of your emphasis on how PCT hikers are a welcoming community. I think everyone needs a little bit of that feeling you had.

There's a great little movie starring Robert Redford and Nick Nolte called "A Walk In The Woods", which is based on a biography/memoir by Bill Bryson, about a travel writer who decides that he's going to hike the Appalachian Trail. Your story reminds me just a little bit of that movie in many of the right ways.

I'm sure "real life" has gotten in the way of continuing this story, but if you ever get back to it, I'd be happy to read it. Your art, commentary and enthusiasm warms my heart. :)
callmerocket 5/19/2020
I'm glad you enjoyed it, Thracecius. I'm happy to report that I am well, I've recently become active again in this comics community, and I'm pursuing other comic projects, with some pages pulled up to work on as we speak.

It's my intention to return to this story one day, and I don't think I'll ever really be content until I've finished what I started here. Though I confess, it's not the right time. But it's very encouraging and inspiring to know that people still stumble on it from time to time and connect with the work.

It's been six years since I finished this trail, and I think I'll have to hike again to remind myself of all the critical details that make up the thru-hiking experience, like a flimsy spork snapping in hard Nutella on a cold morning. But I can totally see this comic launching again sometime within the next four years. Enough time to finish my current comic Raleigh's Hinterland, I think. I hope to see you then :-)