5.86 Be Hungry

27th October 2016 in Settling In
5.86 Be Hungry
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callmerocket 10/27/2016 edit delete

...I know you all can relate!!
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Cooke 11/14/2016 edit delete reply
I just read through the whole lot in one sitting. I've no words except... Incredible.
Cheers, Cooke. Thanks, also, for the long and thoughtful response in the forums in regards to commissions. I appreciate it
Miaubol 11/19/2016 edit delete reply
I agree.. it can be scary..
JJ 1/10/2017 edit delete reply
Ugh I can't contain my excitement for more, please keep posting! I'm loving this so much!
Pip 2/12/2017 edit delete reply
I made some Rocket Llama fanart today. I guess since this comic is based on your own experiences, this is basically a drawing of you drawn by someone you've never met, so maybe that's a little bit weird, but anyway, here it is:

Aw, Pip!! Thank you! I'm on a work-driven hiatus right now and I just popped on to check on things, and saw this. I love yer pixel art! :D :D :D <3
I loooove your art. Especially the "bonus art" ones (the colors!) and your landscapes. Wonderful
I just found this, haven't yet read it. This last page doesn't look like a proper end of the story, but the last update was more than a year ago, no announcement of a hiatus, the artist was alive about 2 months ago and has started another comic... so... project abandoned?