5.73 Irrational Fears

2nd February 2016 in Settling In
5.73 Irrational Fears
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Author Notes:

From sketch to finish in 11 hours, woop woop

This isn't a conversation that actually happened between these characters as far as I know; I just thought five women interacting would be more interesting than one person reflecting
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Actually,I can relate. Peeps said the same thing to me as well.
Ooh, did you adventure somewhere risky too?? Yeah, the warnings leveraged against women on the trail were so consistent that I decided to do a comic about that, but I figure just about everyone gets it, especially if it's their first time stepping outside the box.

Fortunately, the more you get out into the world, the more you realize that the majority of people are pretty good people!
Oops posted on the wrong page .... >_<
Memoria Caelestie
YEAH doing your best even everybody bring you down! all those underdogs!
junoro 2/2/2016 edit delete reply
Yeah, with 5 women chatting you can make more fun facial expressions! Also I love the details you put into your pages and characters, like the sunburn marks in the first panel!
Haha I'm glad somebody noticed that! Those characters are based on two ladies from Alaska, so they are extra burn-y
OMG! So much fear mongering before I left it was nuts! So thankful for the time spent with you and Rocket Dad on the drive down!
Hahaha I love this so much. The Fear Mongering was real, but I also just love the easy friendship between lady hikers.