5.74 Bravery

4th February 2016 in Settling In
5.74 Bravery
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Author Notes:

Yeah!! You can be a lady with a family and STILL do the things you wanna do. And be the person you wanna be

Now it is time for sleep
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Right so, not letting such stories intimidate you. :D
Yeah!! I'm so glad I got to do this scene!

Literally, the only thing in my journals about this section that triggered an idea for the comic was one line about a ''chick party under a tree''
Memoria Caelestie
Is that little rocket llama! if so that is cute and awesome!
Haha oh my gosh! It's just another hiker's kid, but if it was, baby Rocket Llama would 100% be hiding under the table because of singing :-D
Memoria Caelestie
ah darn! hehehehehe that would be great to see!
With a mama that awesome, i think she will be juuust fine
Checking in to find comic updates. Exciting! I love your art. So happy that you keep cranking these out :).

Received your prints the other day. They are gorgeous!
Thanks for supporting me and the comic!! :~D I just got a few copies of my own and they're lookin' goooood, woop woop!
natty 2/10/2016 edit delete reply
thanks for posting a link on FB. took a look at a bunch of them and love them. congrats on how well these came out. much success in getting these out there!