5.75 Climb out of Mission Creek

19th February 2016 in Settling In
5.75 Climb out of Mission Creek
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Author Notes:

It's a splash page/scenery page today! A bit slow? Yes. Totally necessary? Yes.

That purple plant - there'll be more on that later. Two words: Contact dermatitis.
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Wow... so detailed!
Whoah, good job on the rocks! *_*
Memoria Caelestie
Lt. Dom 2/22/2016 edit delete reply
Lt. Dom
Lavender? No, what am I saying

I don't know plants
If only!! -_- This is a few sprigs of Poodledog Bush: a plant that you'd probably only recognize if you've ever meandered into SoCal's fire zones. I'd never heard of it before the trail! Looks beautiful, smells awful, gets big; don't touch it
Lt. Dom 2/27/2016 edit delete reply
Lt. Dom
ooo yeah! Looked it up, looks really coo- OH GOD THE RASHES!!! AAAARGH

Google whyyyy
One'a the few times I felt justified in hitting nature with sticks
Miaubol 2/22/2016 edit delete reply
My feet feel sore now.. ;)

..love it how your drawings give me the actual hiking feel- *pant pant pant *too hot *gaaaasp But yay, soon there now, I'll make it! *flow of happiness :D
Yay!! CF hikers unite!! :~D
Love it, just like I remember. Can't wait to see more.
We spent that whole day being sooooo careful to tip toe around "foodle dog bush" (the smaller harmless cousin...but we couldn't fucking tell! What did we know?) that was EVERYWHERE. And then at the very end of the creek where the trail climbs up out of the canyon we finally saw the real Poodle Dog Bitch. *sigh*
Windsooong!!! :D hahaha, "foodle dog," I love it. Those little purple lookalikes foodled me real good, too :B
Weasel 9/24/2017 edit delete reply