5.81 Oh My

8th April 2016 in Settling In
5.81 Oh My
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Author Notes:

AND WE'RE BACK!!! Let's... Let's not talk about how long it took to freehand the fencing.

A shout-out to the folks who've been leaving such kind and regular comments - I see you and you give me vigor. Comic vigor!!

And a shout-out to all you lurkers, as well. I can't see you, but I know you're there (I can smell you). Thanks for reading, everyone, legit! Woo! Y'all get a fist-bump :-D
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This was the saddest. :(
Dude you FREE HANDED that fence???? It looks amazing!!! I have heard of this place I think! I think I watched a documentary about it! Poor animals x'D
Rocket Llama update? Yussssssssssss!
Katz 4/8/2016 edit delete reply
Rinkel 4/8/2016 edit delete reply
*lurks and is very glad she just showered because now she smells nice*

I'm super glad to see an update though! And holy canolis I admire your dedication in freehanding that fence. Major props.
/slinks off to take a shower
iio 4/9/2016 edit delete reply
lurker here...and loving your comix :) thanks for sharing.
YAY page! Been waiting for you to update! :D
I am smelt