5.83 Dumpster Diver

15th August 2016 in Settling In
5.83 Dumpster Diver
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Author Notes:

Hey what's this, it's comics! Hiya, goobers!

Transitioning to an anecdote about hitchhiking :D
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yay its another strip welcome back!
YAY you're back!!
Also I feel that last face so hard. Sometimes sodas are divine gifts
Miaubol 8/16/2016 edit delete reply
Yessss it's back! :D

and yay for oases like that, sluuuuuuurrk!
Big Bear hostel next ;D ...hopes it's not a trap o.O
Sage 10/25/2016 edit delete reply
Love it. Onyx Summit and Hwy 18.
Your memory is amazing.
I owe a lot to the internet for helping me remember these places. Oftentimes I'll remember a detail, like the couch, or a row of rocks, and then I'll search for photos of those places and things so I can draw them with accuracy. It's a process :)