5.85 - Puff Up

19th October 2016 in Settling In
5.85 - Puff Up
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callmerocket 10/19/2016 edit delete
YO!! And we're back again; sorry for the choppy relaunch. I was actually quite prolific through the last half of August and September, working on a short present-day autobio comic that I irreverently titled ''TV Time'' (http://llamatracks.webcomic.ws).

After that I was job-hunting and feeling pretty helpless and agitated about it which wasn't great for comics BUT EVERYTHING'S FINE NOW so here we are :-D
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Miaubol 10/19/2016 edit delete reply
sigh, some drivers.. D:
..by foot may still be the lesser evil ?

Job hunting can be pretty frustrating, I know too well, great to hear that everything is fine again :))
Maybe one day people will pay us for doing art, and then we humble internet-dwelling comicfolk won't have to bend over backwards/tame lions/rub two coins together to strike fires for warmth/do things that aren't comics to get by in the world XD one can hope right!!
Griff 10/20/2016 edit delete reply
This panel is awesomesauce :-D

I walk to work and cars are so frikken LOUD!! Semi's are just ... like this.

Love the emotion and feeling in the body language of poor Llama. Excellent job.
Cheers! Yeah, loud trucks and like, motorcycles make me jump outta my skin