The Pacific Crest Trail is a 2,650 mile long hiking trail that runs through the major mountain ranges of California, Oregon and Washington. People who attempt to hike the entire trail at once, touching the borders of both Mexico and Canada, average 20+ miles a day and spend 4-6 months on the move. They are known as "thru-hikers."

For legit info about the trail, check out the official PCTA page.



Rock On, Rocket Llama takes place on a northbound hike of the PCT, from spring to winter of the year 2013.

Told from the perspective of novice thru-hiker Rocket Llama, the comic itself is largely autobiographical, covering thoughts, stories and experiences from the trail. A lot of the writing is crafted from memory, aided in no small part by a collection of personal journals, an online journal that was updated from towns, a variety of photo albums, and recollections from the friends she made along the way.

The first 25 pages were drawn in the winter of 2014, without much of a plan or even with the intention of turning it into a longform graphic novel. They were a means of processing the experience, and of reaching out to a scattered community. The comic went on hiatus pretty much immediately, when Rocket Llama - having completed only 2,253 miles of the trail - returned to the Mexican border, to hike the damn thing again. Drawing resumed with more intent the following winter... this time, for the long haul.



Alejandra Wilson is a reclusive cave muppet located in Portland, Oregon. She spends her days off-trail drawing comics, making coffee and forgetting about it, falling asleep on public transit and daydreaming about being a carefree vagabond with calf muscles again.

Known to many as "Rocket Llama," she has hiked a cumulative 4,800 miles on the PCT between the years of 2013 and 2014, give or take a few road walks.